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Transgender Racket: Victims smuggle from Assam to Delhi

On Tuesday huge racket of transgender people have been reported. Most of the victims belong from the weaker society from various parts of Assam.  Later, on Tuesday victim filed an FIR in Panbazaar Women Police Station.

According to the police sources, “Boys from poor families are taken to Delhi in the pretext of jobs and later their organs were cut off and the youth were transformed into transgender.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the Guwahati ‘kinnar’ community has also staged a protest in front of the Panbazar Police station in connection with the case.

Sources also said that the boys were sent to various parts of the markets for begging.

Trans activist and advocate Swati Bidhan Baruah made this sensational reveal in front of the media on Tuesday.

An individual named Pinki has been behind this racket and she is the mastermind of the racket.

Speaking to the media, Baruah revealed that a huge gang is been involved in this case. Saheba, Noor, Neha, Nisha, Nitumoni Deka, and Arif are the main roots of this crime. The six number of members used to pick up the victims from Assam in lieu of giving jobs in Delhi and transforms them into trans,” adding more said that now there are at least 18 victims who have been captured and they will be transformed soon.

However, the Panbazar women police station officials informed that their team has already arrested 6 transgender involved in the racket.


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