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Massive Deforestation in West Kamrup Forest Division

Assam Forest department
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Massive deforestation in reserve forest areas is going on under the West Kamrup Forest Division.
The state forest department has entirely failed to stop smugglers from cutting immature Sal trees simultaneously in every reserve forest area.

Hundreds of immature Sal trees were recently cut down by unknown smugglers in the Mauman- Jongakhuli reserve forest area.
The reserve forest area falls under the Singra Forest Range office. The smuggling of Sal trees has been taking place in the reserve forest just five hundred meters from the Singra Range Forest Office.

Forest Range Officer Abdur Rouf Ahmed, refused to give any statement on the massive deforestation and illegal cutting of the immature Sal trees.
Meanwhile, PCCF Arvind Madhab Singh, informed the media that he will discuss the matter with the APCCF and Zonal officer.
He further informed that there will be a detailed investigation and a report will be filed regarding the matter.

Locals suspect that forest staff have been involved in this matter as the smugglers are operating without any hindrance.
The smugglers have been illegally cutting trees and selling them every night.
Before cutting trees, smugglers peel off a portion of Sal trees and the next day they cut the trees and pieces the trees on the spot with the help of sawing machines.

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