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Indian Govt. Handed Over 577 Immigrants to Bangladesh Since 2018

bangladesh infiltration
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Since 2018, the Indian Government has handed over about 577 immigrants to neighbouring Bangladesh.
Among these 577 Bangladeshis immigrants are villagers from districts bordering the two countries. These immigrants includes men, women and children alike.

As per reports released by the Government –
a. 480 of these infiltrators entered Indian territory through West Bengal.
b. 71 entered India through Tripura
c. 18 of the infiltrators entered through Meghalaya border and
d. Eight people infiltrated Indian territory through Assam.
Starting from January 1, 2018 to May 21, 2021, a total of 577 immigrants were handed over to the Bangladesh authority.

Official data suggests that more than 100 immigrants have returned to their respective country.
As of May 2, 2021, the Border Security Force had kept about 129 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in its possession.
The recent report suggests that these illegal immigrants crossed the international border seeking jobs and work space.

Bangladesh shares its border with India among these Indian states
1. 262 kilometres with Assam
2. 856 kilometres with Tripura
3. 318 kilometres with Mizoram
4. 443 kilometres with Meghalaya and
5. 2,217 kilometres with West Bengal

Last year, a total of about 116 illegal Bangladeshis were apprehended. Among these 116 Bangladeshis,
a. 91 infiltrated India through the West Bengal border.
b. 17 through Tripura.
c. Five entered India through Assam border and
d. Three through Meghalaya border.
All these infiltrators were handed over to the Bangladesh authorities by the security forces.

It needs to be mentioned that a total of 70 immigrants were detained and handed over to Bangladesh in 2019.
a. 38 entered India through West Bengal border.
b. Nine entered through Tripura border.
c. Twelve infiltrated through Meghalaya and
d. One entered India through Assam border.
A total of 262 Bangladeshis were handed over to the Bangladesh government in 2018.
Of these 262 illegal immigrants,
a. 235 entered India through West Bengal.
b. 26 through Tripura and one entered India through Assam border.

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