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Blue Whale suicide game!

Do you remember the Blue Whale Suicide Game?
Cyber dome! A powerful wall to deflect attacks Image Source: Google

Blue Whale Suicide Game was started in Russia on 2015, later it spread all over the world, even in India on 2017!

The game which took more than 100 lives in India. Do you know how experts managed to stop the Blue Whale Suicide Game?

Cyber dome! A powerful wall to deflect attacks. What you know about Cyber Dome?

Cyber Dome was formally launched in 2017 by Kerala Government. Kerala Police successfully deactivated the blue whale game with the help of Cyber Dome in 2017.

In 2016, the first website of Cyber dome was launched. In March 2017, Cyber dome notched up a remarkable victory when it forewarned the Kerala government of a possible ransomware attack.

Now if we come to our own State Assam, In June 2018 Assam formally launched Cyber dome at Special Branch, Khalipara, from where a special team operates 24*7.

Headline8 team reached out to one of the top officials to know about the Cyber Dome!

The Cyber dome is expected to enable sleuths to obtain vital leads in cases of cyber-related offenses using advancements in the field of information technology. The technology center includes cyber forensic, cyber intelligence, cyber security, incidence response, internet monitoring, cyber crimes against women and children, VOIP/Skype call analyzing, cyber terrorism, dark net exploring and crimes related to the social media, which examine through the social media analyzing laboratory.

The Security level: The security of Cyber-Dome is an add-on “Magen” (shield). Magen is the Next-Gen security layer enhancing your safety and lowering the risk of you being spied on and your personal data stolen. Magen alerts any security breach and bring it to your attention whenever a malware penetrates your firewall and antivirus defenses.

Dome also works in different ways: Virtual Dome is the online office of Cyber dome, where experts from across the globe work together, and Cyber dome keeps an eye on the social media and analyses the same, for effective policing.

Now, how Cyber Dome can control internet crimes in India?

Online monitoring, Dedicated expertise, Better coordination and Academic participation

Officials said, “This is a very sensitive matter to speak on so I can only share on short. Entire area of cyber dome is covered up by every tight security. Not every police personnel are allowed to enter the main room. Special officers and security personnel are allowed to enter and monitor the things from inside.


The inadequacy of expertise to deal with the darker side of the exponentially expanding Information Technology is a major roadblock for the Police in India. Acquiring such expertise by recruiting manpower is not a viable option too. Hence, such public-private partnerships are the right way to go about it. So Kerala’s Cyberdome Project is an Idea that must be replicated at the National Level.

The law enforcement agencies are trying to their best to keep a check on cyber crimes in the nation; the citizens should also play their part and be aware and alert.

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Written by Pallavi Saikia


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