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Big Tech Bully- The Internet Coloniser

Twitter has recently lost the Legal Protection shield failing to comply with the new IT rule 2021.
This legal shield gives protection to Social Media Intermediaries under Section 79.

Now Twitter can be held responsible like a Publisher for any content that is posted in the platform.
Earlier, a notice was issued on February 25, 2021 intimating the companies and entities to comply with the new code of ethics for Social media channels and OTT platforms under New IT Rule 2021.
All the other tech giants, social media, digital media and OTT platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Koo etc., complied to the new rule.
However, Twitter remained belligerently defiant even after the Government had sent multiple notices.
On the other hand Twitter was misleading the people and circumventing the law under the pretext of protection of free speech in India to which the Govt replied – “Protecting free speech in India is not the prerogative of only private for profit making foreign entity like Twitter. It is the fundamental right in the constitution and the Govt and the legal system is there to monitor and uphold the right of free speech.”
Twitter proclaims to be the flag bearer of free speech and arbitrators of truth. Yet, it has maintained double standards as on multiple occasions it has scuttled free speech with its opaque policies .It had deleted, suspended, removed or put under Manipulated Catagory many accounts citing violation of platform rules. Names of few accounts that became target of Twitter’s double standard games are –
1. Manoj Sinha (Lieutenant Governor of J&K) – account suspended
2. Locked Amit Shah’s profile
3. Removed Kangana Ranaut’s account
4. Banned Donald Trump’s account for life
5. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari ‘s account suspended
6. Removes blue badge from Vice President Venkatesh Naidu’s account and many others’.
So just as the Govt is taking steps to regulate the big tech and Social media platforms, it’s also time to find alternatives so that these multi-billion dollar big techs cannot have a free run and have the audacity to dictate even the biggest democracy in the world.
And the good news is that we have our own home grown Indian App “Koo” which has emerged as an able alternative to Twitter. Founded by two Indians Aprameya Radhakrisnan and Mayank Bidwatka it is gradually gaining the grounds that Twitter has lost. Nigeria Govt has officially endorsed “Koo” and also it is gaining popularity in India and a time will come when Koo will be a bigger tweet than Twitter.


Anjan Gogoi






About the Author: Anjan Gogoi is an Electrical Engineer by profession. He is also an Guwahati based Entrepreneur

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